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Pressure Measurement for Ventilators and Respirators
Time: 2020-07-10

CFSensor is a leading manufacturer of supplying Pressure Measurement products to the medical-device industry.

What we generally supply for medical applications are blood pressure monitoring blood pressure and oxygenerator etc. Currently, the main demand for mechanical ventilators and respirators due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where the accuracy and reliability are extremely important on pressure monitor and control. The Pressure sensor paly a crucial role on where to blow the amount of air into patients' lung, who need assistance on breathing. Here our XGZP6897/XGZP6899 can perfectly work on these application. The XGZP6897/XGZP6899 can measure the low pressure to 500Pa (3.75mmHg) with accuracy(<2Pa). It was designed to measure differential or gauge pressure depending on the application. It contains two pressure ports to which tubing can be connected, one tube directing pressure to the topside of the MEMS sensing die and the other tube directing pressure to the backside of the MEMS sensing die. It comes in several calibrated pressure ranges, functions with a 3.3 to 5 volt supply, and offers I²C or amplified analog output.

differental  pressure sensor.jpg

The XGZP6897/XGZP6899 pressure sensor series, same with all of CFSensor other products, are designed and manufactured by our own package and assembly facility. So we can control every details and parameter, as well as customize products to meet the unique demands of various applications.

We are committing ourself to be a reliable supplier on key component for life-enhancing and life-saving devices, and we anticipate that CFSensor products can do some helping for humanity, especially at this time.

Hoping world no sufferings any more!


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