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New Equipment for Package
Time: 2021.01.03

In order to meet the urgent needs of new and old customers for pressure sensors of various specifications and models, and to ensure the quality and quantity of the sensor products to the customers. Recently, the two newly purchased automatic capping machine production equipment have been installed and debugged and have been put into production, which greatly improved production efficiency and increased the original daily output from 40K to 60K, which greatly eased the tight delivery time, and significantly reduce the probability of the cover falling off. Welcome new and old customers to drop orders, we promise to deliver on time and quality!


As a high-tech enterprise dominated by MEMS sensor technology research and development, CFSensor has always put quality in the first place. In addition to meeting production needs, CFSensor has spent a lot of money on custom-made auxiliary equipment to eliminate old equipment and reduce product defect rate, as well as improve the package efficiency of pressure sensors.


CFSensor, Aways Perfect under Pressure!


The following is the working video of the automatic capping machine:

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