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    XGZP5855D is a perfect silicon pressure sensor offering a ratiometric digital data(I2C interface) for reading pressure and temparature over the specified full scale pressure span. 

    The XGZP5855D incorporates a silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor die and an interior Application Specific Integrated Circuit(ASIC) in a SMT package. 

    The XGZP5855D is fully calibrated and temperature compensated for specified span, so XGZP5855D pressure sensor satisfy the perfect accuracry, which is designed for a wide range of application in medical care&health, home appliances, consumer electronic, industry, automotive, loT and other pneumatic devices etc by utilizing a microcontroller or microprocessor with D/A inputs. 

    XGZP5855D pressure sensor is for high volume application at an affordable cost and perfect performance. 

    Customized calibration parameter (e.g.pressure range etc.) are available.

XGZP5855D Pressure Sensor Module

images11.jpg■ Wide Ranges: -100kPa…0kPa…200kPa(show in Pressure Range) 

■ Optional 2.5V~5.5V Power Supply 

■ Gage(Positive&Vacuum) Type 

■ For Non-corrosive Gas or Air 

■ Calibrated Digital Signal(I2C Interface)(Refer to XGZP5855A for Analog signal) 

■ Temp. Compensated: 0℃~+60℃(32℉~+140℉

■ Current Consumption: 5uA(single measurement) 

■ Standby Current: <100nA (25°C)

images (11).jpg■ Medical&Healthy: e.g. ventilators, CPAP, NPWT, DVT, blood analysis, blood pressure monitoring, drug dosing, hospital beds, oxygen concentrators, patient monitoring, sleep apnea equipment, urine analyzers and wound therapy, breast pumps, massage device etc. 

■ Consumer&Household: e.g. Robot, UAV, wearable device, coffee makers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, air pump, air beds etc. 

■ Industrial&Automation: e.g. HVAC, flow and liquid level measurement, process control and monitoring, life sciences, pressure switch and meter, IoT and automotive application etc.


XGZP5855D Pressure Sensor V1.1.pdf

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