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         XGZP6897A is a prefect silicon pressure sensor module offering a ratiometric analog interface for reading differential pressure over the specified full scale pressure span and temp.range.It incorporates a silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor chip and an interior signal-conditional Application Specific Integrated Circuit(ASIC) in a SOP8 package with two air vents, which can be mounted directly on a standard PCB.

         The XGZP6897A is fully calibrated and temperature compensated for offset,sensitivity, temperature and non-linearity,so XGZP6897A pressure sensor module satisfy the prefect repeatability,linearity, stability and sensibility, which can be applied directly in medical equipment, fitness machine,home electronics,and other pneumatic devices etc.

         XGZP6897A pressure sensor module is for high volume application at an affordable cost and perfect performance. Customized calibrations(working voltage,output voltage,and pressure range) are available.

XGZP6897A Pressure Sensor Module


Optional 5V or 3.3V or 3V power supply 
Differential or Gage Pressure Type
For Non-corrosive gas or air 
Calibrated Amplified Analog signal or Digital output(IIC)
Temp. Compensated:0℃~+60℃(32℉~+140℉)

Customized Pressure Range Available

images (11).jpgFor Medical and healthy equipment field, such as Ventilators/ breathing machine/ respiration, CPAP(Continueous Positive Airway Pressure), Sleep Apnea, Spirometers,Gas flow instruction, Air flow monitor, hospital bed etc,.
For Industrial field, such as Airflow measurement, HVAC and Pneumatic gauges, Gas flow instrumentation, Exhaust system, Pressure swithes,Liquid level measurement,etc.
For Other fields, such as sport equipment, Fire protection, Biological Science, Consumer appliances. IoT application etc. 

Pressure Sensor  



XGZP6897A Pressure Sensor V2.4.pdf


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