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        The XGZP6827D is a miniaturized Digital Air Pressure Sensor with a high accuracy and a low current consumption. The XGZP6827D integrate the pressure sensor and temperature sensor in a COB structure. The internal signal processor converts the output from the pressure and temperature sensor elements to 24-bit results. Each pressure sensor has been calibrated individually. The pressure and temperature measurements are available through the serial I2C interface. 

       The XGZP6827D pressure sensor module satisfy the prefect repeatability, linearity, stability and sensibility, which can be applied widely in medical equipment, fitness machine,home electronics,and other pneumatic devices an affordable cost and perfect performance.

XGZP6827D Pressure Sensor Module

images11.jpgRanges: -100kPa…-1kPa~0kPa…1kPa...200kPa
1.8V~5.5V power supply for IIC interface
Current consumption : <5uA(one time measurement)
Static Current: <100nA (25°C)
Temp. Compensated: 0°C~60℃
Temperature Accuracy:
Gage or Vacuum Type
For Non-corrosive gas or air

images (11).jpgFor Home appliance field, such as Dust collector, Refrigerator, Printer, Humidifier, Washer/Dryer, Coffee Machine, Cleaner, Robotic, Vacuum Sealer,Sport Equipment etc.
For Medical and healthy equipment field, such as Blood pressure test and monitor, Patient Monitoring, Infusion and Syringe Pumps, Anesthesia Machines, Respirators and Ventilators, NPWT, DVT, COPD Treatment, catheter, Kidney dialysis, Cupping& Cosmetology, Massage device etc.
For Other fields, such as watch, wearable device, air pump, HVAC and pneumatic device, automotive application and pressure meter etc.  

Pressure Sensor   



XGZP6827D Pressure Sensor V2.4.pdf

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