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    XGZP131 is a piezoresistive pressure sensor that was designed for extremely space sensitive application where the sensing element is to be integral to the OEM products. The core is a silicon piezoresistive pressure sensing die that is designed and fabricated by MEMS technology. The pressure sensing die is composed of a springy diaphragm and four resistors integrated in the diaphragm. When the springy diaphragm is pressured, Wheatstone bridge produces a linear voltage signal(mV) that is proportional to input pressure.

    With good repeatability, linearity, stability and sensibility, XGZP131 is very facile for users to calibrate output, thermal drift and make temperature compensation by using exterior operational amplifier or integrated circuit. For amplified output or IIC interface, check XGZP6828A or XGZP6828D

    The pressure medium other than air or non-corrosive gas can’t be used directly. It is highly prohibited to choke the side of pressure diaphragm during actual application.

XGZP131 Pressure Sensor

images11.jpgRanges:  0kPa~100kPa…2000kPa

Power supply: ≤15Vdc or ≤3.0mAdc   

Absolute Pressure Type

COB package, small size

MEMS Technology, Solid-state reliability

Working temp.: -30+125℃(-22+257)

For Non-corrosive gas or air 

images (11).jpgAltimeter; Air Pump; Fire extinguisher.

Automotive electronics field, such as tire pressure gauge, MAP sensor etc.

Pressure meter, meteorology and consumer electronic etc.

Other absolute pressure or vacuum systems


Pressure Sensor    



XGZP131 Pressure Sensor-V2.2.pdf

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