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    XGZP0703 series pressure sensor chip is a miniature silicon piezoresistive sensor die that is designed and fabricated by MEMS technology on six inch silicon wafers in a class 100 clean room. The pressure sensing chip is composed of a springy diaphragm and four resistors integrated in the diaphragm.  When the springy diaphragm is pressured, Wheatstone bridge will output linear millivolt voltage that is proportional to input pressure.


    Chip size is 0.7×0.7×0.3 mm for silicon bonding with silicon, which provide state-of-the-art performance in a leading small size for oil-filling or isolated-diaphragm sensor.


    With good repeatability, linearity, stability and sensibility, XGZP0703 is also easy for users to calibrate output, thermal drift and make temperature compensation by using operational amplifier or integrated circuit.

XGZP0703 Pressure Sensor Die


Ranges: 0100kPa…2000kPa(015psi…300psi)

Piezoresistive MEMS Technology

Silicon-Silicon,Solid state,High reliability

Absolute Pressure, Excited by voltage or current

Miniature size,Cost effective



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For Automotive electronics field, such as tire pressure gauge, MAP sensor etc.

For Air compressor,household electrical appliances etc.

For Water pump,fire controlling,diving,other fields,dam engineering,switch etc.

For Pressure gauges,instruments and meters, and medical field etc.

Pressure sensor 



XGZP0703 Pressure Sensor Die V1.3.pdf

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