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    XGZP6802 Pressure Transmitter is designed to meet the industrial environments. It is structured by Piezo-resistive OEM sensor with isolated stainless steel diaphragm as signal sensing element, the imported ASCI amplifier circuit and stainless steel housing.

    The transmitter is integrally temperature compensated. Through strict component making, semi-finished product and all-finished product testing and aging, the transmitter is stable and reliable, having excellent flexibility, sensitivity and diversity. 

    XGZP6802 Pressure Transmitter is Zero and Span adjustable by potentiometer in actual application. It is widely used for measure and controlling of fluid, air pressure in the industry process detection, chemi-industry, electric power, hydrology, geology etc.

XGZP6802 Pressure Transmitter

images11.jpgRanges: -100kPa...0~10kPa…100MPa
9~36VDC power supply  

4~20mADC(2 wire); 0 or 1V~5V DC/0-10V DC(3 wire) output

Gauge, Seal Guage,Negative, Absolute Type
Stainless Steel Diaphragm sensor

Zero&FS calibration available

images (11).jpg

■ Air Compressor,frequency-alterable constant voltage water supply,building automatic control.

■ HVAC controlling(Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning),refrigeration,process controlling, hydraulic pressure monitoring ,etc. 

■ Other pressure measure and control of petroleum,chemi-industry,metallurgy,power station, hydrology.etc,

Pressure Sensor      



XGZP6802 Pressure Transmitter V2.0.pdf

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