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             XGZP160 is packaged sensor based on CFSensor silicon based piezoresistive pressure sensor die. The sensor die is bonded on a substrate with a plastic cap and packaged in a 6-pin SOP or DIP housing. The small size and high reliability make this sensor an economical choice for high volume application in a variety of industries.

             With good repeatability, linearity, stability and sensibility, XGZP160 is very facile for users to calibrate output & thermal drift and make temperature compensation by using exterior operational amplifier or integrated circuit. With standard SOP6 or DIP6 package, XGZP160 is easy for users to install by SMT or through hole board assembly. For amplified output or IIC interface, check XGZP6857A / XGZP6859A or XGZP6857D / XGZP6859D.

             The XGZP160 pressure sensor is intended for use with non-corrosive gas or air.

XGZP160 Pressure Sensor

images11.jpgRanges:  -100kPa…-1kPa~0kPa…1kPa...700kPa

Power supply: ≤15Vdc or ≤3.0mAdc   

Gage & Vacuum Type

SMD or Through hole package

MEMS Technology, Solid-state reliability

Working temp.: -30+125℃(-22+257)

For Non-corrosive gas or air 

images (11).jpgFor Medical and healthy equipment field, such as Blood pressure test and monitor, Patient Monitoring, Infusion and Syringe Pumps, Anesthesia Machines, Respirators and Ventilators, NPWT, DVT, COPD Treatment, catheter, Kidney dialysis, Cupping& Cosmetology, Massage device etc.
For Home appliance field, such as Refrigerator, Printer, Humidifier, Washer/Dryer, Coffee Machine, Cleaner, Robotic, Sport Equipment etc.
For Other fields, such as air pump, emergency lamp, dust collector, HVAC and pneumatic device, IoT, automotive application etc.

Pressure Sensor    

The below part number appertain to XGZP160 series:

XGZP010DB1R / XGZP040DB1R / XGZP101DB1R / XGZP201DB1R / XGZP701DB1R / XGZP040DB2R ...

XGZP010SB1 /XGZP040SB1 / XGZP101SB1 / XGZP201SB1 / XGZP701SB1 /XGZP040SB2...



XGZP160 Pressure Sensor-V2.3.pdf

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