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          XGZP6826A is a prefect silicon pressure sensor module offering a ratiometric analog interface for reading pressure over the specified full scale pressure span and temp.range.


         The XGZP6826A incorporates a silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor chip and a built-in Application Specific Integrated Circuit(ASIC) with a smart COB package.


         The XGZP6826A is fully calibrated and temperature compensated for offset,sensitivity, temperature and non-linearity, so XGZP6826A pressure sensor module satisfy the prefect repeatability,linearity, stability and sensibility,which can be applied directly in Automotive electronic, instruments and meters etc.


         XGZP6826A pressure sensor module have high volume application due to the small volume, low price and good performance.

XGZP6826A Pressure Sensor Module

images11.jpgRanges: 0kPa~100kPa…2500kPa(0PSI~15PSI…375PSI)
Optional 5V or 3.3V or 3V power supply 
Absolute Type
For Non-corrosive gas or air and liquid
Calibrated Amplified Analog signal 
Temp. Compensated:0℃~+60℃(32℉~+140℉)

Customized Pressure range available

images (11).jpg

■ Car and motorcycle air intake system, tire pressure gauge, MAP sensor, car air pump and other automotive electronics fields
■ Air pumps, vacuum pumps, pressure switches, pneumatic control systems and industrial equipment, etc.
■ Fire extinguishers, altimeters, barometers, weather stations, navigation, etc. and other instruments and meters.

Pressure Sensor  




XGZP6826A Pressure Sensor V2.4.pdf


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